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Founded in 1941, our club has been continuing the tradition of providing quality skating programs to the North Bay community.
We provide Learn to Skate (CanSkate) programming for children aged 2-16 and figure skating for all ages.  
For those of you who already know how to skate and want to skate in a "team" environment, check out our Synchronized skating option (in progress)!


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Fall & Winter Skating Programs Now Open For Registration!

PreCanSkate Mondays 5:30-6:15pm (no parent necessary on the ice) with our new co-ordinator Lise Carriere!
CanSkate Mondays (6:15-7:05pm) and Saturdays (11:00-11:50am)
Introduction to StarSkate Tuesdays (5:30-6:20pm) and Saturdays (10:10-11:00am)
StarSkate on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays!
OpenSkate for Private Lessons!  If you wish to get your skater some private lessons with our coaches, talk to your program co-ordinator.  We have special ice time on Friday afternoons this year so everyone can get private lessons with nationally accredited coaches. Full details in the program registration.

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 Skaters Development Fund Application
Interested in Synchronized Skating?
Policies (in Progress)