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Hello CanSkaters! 

We are a week away from our first CanSkate sessions on Saturday, September 8 and Monday, September 10, and we are so excited to skate with you all so soon!

A few important things to note before we step on the ice: 

  •  Lee-Ann, our registrar, will have a table set up in the space behind the Home/Away benches at Memorial Gardens before the session starts. Please check in with her when you arrive. She will make sure you are set up in terms of payment. Paying ahead of time by e-transfer would ensure an efficient check-in. Once you are good to go, Lee-Ann will make sure your skater has his/her name tag. 
  • Please ensure that your skater has a CSA-approved helmet (a hockey helmet) for the duration of our program. Unfortunately, we cannot allow CanSkaters on the ice without one. For more information on picking out a helmet and skates, please view Skate Canada’s new video, “Proper Equipment for CanSkate”: 
  • Your skater will be placed in a colour group based on skill ability and age, which is indicated on their name tag. Their group may change after the first week as we get to know everyone on the ice. 
  • This year, we ask that parents, family, and friends watch from the stands and keep the Home/Away benches clear. This gives the coaches room for teaching aids, and makes the ice surface less daunting for our younger skaters. Plus, we have a blast with skaters waving to the “fans” in the stands!
  • And remember, if your skater is completely new to ice skating, it is completely normal to spend some time sitting on the ice the first week! It takes time to get used to the feel of the ice, the sensations of standing and walking/gliding, as well as learning to fall and stand up. 

Please see the attached Welcome document for more information on where to go and what to expect. This year, we have an incredible team of coaches and we are all excited to get back on the ice!  

If you have any questions at any time, please do not hesitate to contact me at this email address. 

Have a great long weekend! 


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