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Equipment Recommendations For PreCanSkate and CanSkate Participants

  • A CSA -approved (and valid) hockey helmet is mandatory for all skaters until they pass Stage 5. Bicycle helmets are not acceptable.
  • Sharpened Skates. Please be mindful that figure skates require a different sharpening than hockey skates.
  • Long pants, mittens, a warm sweater or jacket.
  • Snow pants or splash pants are recommended for younger skaters.
  • Skaters may choose to wear appropriate figure skating attire and are always encouraged to dress in layers to easily adapt to changes in temperature.
  • It is a good idea to practice walking around off the ice in the skates before going onto the ice.
  • Be sure to wear blade protectors or guards when not on the ice. 
  • Dry skate blades after every session. Never store skates with blade guards or protectors on as the blades could rust. 

  **NOTE:  Coaches use bingo dabbers and markers to draw circuits on the ice for skaters to follow during PreCanSkate and CanSkate sessions. When skaters fall or spend a lot   of time on the ice, the ink from these items can transfer to the clothing, skates and laces of skaters. 




Choosing the Proper Equipment Video - Skate Canada